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paper io unblocked

The basic aim of Paper io is to capture as much land as possible. Players start with a small area and then cover it with colored paper. To win, you must cover as much of the playground as you can. You can move your character in any direction you choose, but you should avoid other players who want to steal your territory. This game is fast and fun. There are many ways to win, and the challenge is only limited by your own imagination.

This game is so easy to play that you can easily find time to play every day. The only requirement is to connect your computer to the internet and play. Once you're connected, all you need to do is download the Paper.io game and enjoy it! You'll be playing this game for hours on end. You can compete with other players in different cities, colleges, and even across the world! You'll find that Paper io unblocked is a great way to kill some time.